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Kids - If You Can Read This, You Can Read... Welcome to Speedread America'sSPEED READING P
Size: -
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Faster! Monitors all running processes and modifies processes defined by the user
Size: 2 MB
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Changer monitor processes killer processes terminator  
FASTER A screensaver inspired by the movie Faster
Size: 2.01MB
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screensaver enhance desktop desktop Screensaver  
Faster Than Ever A software that is designed to help you access your favorite documents, programs and websites quickly.
Size: 1.6 MB
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shortcut program launcher launch make shortcut  
PC Faster PC Faster is an application that lets the user keep up Windows operate safe and fast. PC Faster is compatible with office-, graphics-, anti-virus- and other software installed on your PC. Its interfac
Size: 11.9 MB
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PC safe faster pc  
My Faster PC A simple application that can help you optimize your computer.
Size: 5 MB
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optimizer optimization optimize optimize system  

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AceReader Productivity/Educational Self-Improvement Speed Reading Software. Read faster while on your computer. Learn to read faster both on and off your computer. Includes reading/comprehension tests.
Size: 839.8 KB
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speed reading Read learn to read Disk read speed  

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Read sight-read read EDF read BDF read disc  
RocketReader Professional CD Read faster and become more efficient at work.
Size: 1000 KB
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Read Faster  
RapidReader Read 5 times faster on-screen
Size: 7.38MB
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Times Read Screen times. Read Faster  
RocketReader Online Train to read fast, accurately and with high stamina with RocketReader Online!
Size: 434.57K
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train save effort train karoke effort whore train  
RSVP Reader for Firefox Allows you to read text on the web faster.
Size: 9.33K
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read web text Read Faster faster web  

Read Faster in description

SmartBaby When infants are taught reading, they eventually read about 5 times Faster than children who learn to read at age 6. Toddlers read about 2 to 3 times faster. Preschoolers still typically read faster t...
Size: 17.61MB
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vocabulary Read Improve flash card teach children  
Chinese Toolbox Reader Read more and faster than ever before Never before has reading Chinese been easier. Chinese Toolbox is the tool to enable you to read more and faster than ever before. Features help you target charac...
Size: 5.1 MB
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vocabulary language Chinese vocabulary learn Chinese  
ART: Accelerated Reading Technology ART is a program that lets you Read any text file (including emails) at as much as 5 times your normal reading speed, without any training. It lets you read faster by displaying text one word at a tim...
Size: 1.67MB
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Read Text File learn reading read speed File Times  
Flash Reading for Windows 8 If subvocalization is not muted, you only read at the speed you read out loud, and include Tips to read Faster.
Size: -
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AceReader (For Mac) Productivity/Educational Self-Improvement Reading Software. Speed Reading Software. Read faster while on your computer. Learn to read faster both on and off your computer. Includes reading/comprehensi...
Size: 660.1 KB
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speed reading reading speed reading software  
eBook Writer When using programs to display your eBook you are limiting your market as they can only be Read on c...The reason for buying eBooks is primary because the delivery of information is Faster. I've seen peo...
Size: 2475K
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Creator Writer eBook eBook Creator file hider Publish eBook