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Read Deleted SMS Messages How to read deleted SMS? SIM card deleted contacts rescue software is specially designed for the backup of lost contents of your mobile phone. USB simcard information reader utility is used for readin
Size: 985K
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deleted phone book contact book deleted records displayer  
Kids - If You Can Read This, You Can Read... Welcome to Speedread America'sSPEED READING P
Size: -
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My Messages View vBulletin private messages in XML format.
Size: 18.86MB
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Little Angel Messages Little Angel Messages Animated Software DEMO for WIN/MAC
Size: 317.3 KB
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demo movie demo Animated Browser online demo  
Redirect Messages Redirects, resends or forwards messages.
Size: 244 KB
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email message redirect  
Phone Messages Take, store, and print phone messages in standard systemized form.
Size: 1.41MB
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telephone messages print form Form Print Spooler store form  

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Mail-Lock Outlook Add-In Mail-Lock - control access and distribution of your sent emails
Size: 9.2 MB
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client email email client outlook Outlook add-in  
mobecode Description Keep your SMS messages secret. Even if someone has your phone they can't read your messages. Send and receive coded messages. Free 14 day trial. How? Write a message. Set the code. Send a
Size: 23 KB
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ScreenSaver Messages send messages messages  
E-Res-Q Mailbox rescue solution and simple mail reader. Enables you to selectively read and delete messages without having to download them all. Ideal for getting rid of large messages that clog up your mailb
Size: 159K
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delete messages read messages delete mailbox  
ZReader for Eudora Pro Provides a way to easily read your Eudora email messages using the familiar audio/video player paradigm. Select filtering criteria, then use the 'play' button to smooth scroll your messages in a varie
Size: 7,829K
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Transient Paradigm Paradigm smooth text scroll  
ZReader for Outlook Provides a way to easily read your Outlook email messages using the familiar audio/video player paradigm. Select filtering criteria, then use the 'play' button to smooth scroll your messages in a vari
Size: 8,023K
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Transient Paradigm Paradigm smooth text scroll  
TrulyMail Standard TrulyMail is a reliable replacement for email: You will know exactly when your messages were received by the recipients. TrulyMail is secure: Your messages can be easily encrypted so nobody can read y
Size: 5119K
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read messages encrypted messages  

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Instant Message Reader Instant Message reader is a tool designed for Yahoo Instant Messenger. Simply, IMR will read incoming and outgoing messages on all your Yahoo Instant Message windows. All you have to do is run the pro...
Size: 1.54MB
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instant messaging Instant Message read message  
Cursor Messages Cursor messages is the main program that starts-up the cursor messages. Example messages include wit...Read the Help for details.
Size: 470.33K
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Create view message view message  
Watch Your Back! Do you get email messages at work and hate it when someone attaches a read receipt to them? Well, now you can track down a read receipt and read the message without the sender knowing that you've read...
Size: 533K
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sales receipt Receipt Book Manager Receipt manager receipt  
Facebook SeenBlock for Firefox read their messages. Also, SeenBlock enables users to block the "is typing.." feature so their friends can't see if they are typing a message to them. SeenBlock gives the power to users to mark their ...
Size: 246 KB
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TalkToMe (Win 95/98) TalkToMe is a full-featured talking programthat uses cartoon characters to: read your E-Mail. Read your letters and documents to you. Read web pages for you. Send Animated Messages to friends. Say des...
Size: 8,250K
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Read read EDF read BDF Read Newsfeed read webcomic  
Crawler Toolbar Email Notifier Send & receive attachments up to 20MB, easily organize your messages, quickly find archived messages, view full conversations, compose and read messages even when you're not online and much more...
Size: 2 MB
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control account email toolbar Crawler email notifier